Training internships

The Second Cycle Degree Course in Food Science and Technology is obtained after a final oral examination where the candidate presents his/her research thesis originally developed on a specific topic developed during the trainining internship under the guidance of one of more supervisors.  

Training internship can be carried out in different ways:


- INTERNAL INTERNSHIP (at Departments or research groups operating within the University of Parma). -

-  EXTERNAL INTERNSHIP  (at companies, public or private organizations - companies, other universities, etc -  outside the University of Parma, with which specific agreements have been stipulated.  


Internship must correspond to 22 ECTS, (550 hours of student activity) and do not contribute directly to the final degree grade, but contribute to the evaluation of the student's entire course of study.

The Department of Food and Drug annually appoints a Referent for Internship and Final Examination for the Science Food and Technology course.