Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

In order to access the Final Exam, the student must comply with the obligations below described.

  1. Application for Degree Exam: The student must complete online and deliver to the Secretariat all the necessary forms for submitting the Application , within the deadlines indicated in the notices published on the Degree Course website (
  2. Student Booklet: in order to graduate, the Electronic Student Booklet must be complete and definitive by the scheduled date, with the registration of all due Credits, in order to allow the Student Secretariat to perform all the needed checks. Note well: all undergraduate students have to make sure to have registered in their career the successful completion of the online course on training and safety in the workplace. If they have not completed the course, please contact the student office:
  3. Closing of the Internship and official registration of the Internship credits: by the dates indicated for the different graduation sessions, the Internship must be completed, and the relative credits registered. For this purpose, all undergraduate students must verify: 1) that the end date of their Internship is before the deadline indicated for the different graduation sessions. Otherwise, in order to graduate, the student must request the early termination of the Internship. 2) that you have completed the Internship Evaluation Questionnaire (available only in Italian), available from the day after the internship end date, which is a necessary condition for the award of the Internship credits 
  4. Deadline and Procedures for submitting the Degree application: by the date indicated for each graduation session, the application must be completed online following the instructions in " Degree Application "
  5. Completion of the Alma Laurea questionnaire: registration on Alma Laurea and the completion of the relevant questionnaire (available only in Italian) are mandatory for all students, in order to be able submit the online application for graduation on ESSE3. Please note: if a student has not done the above, at the time of submitting the Degree application he will see a block screen showing that the Alma Laurea questionnaire has not been completed (Instructions for registering on the website and completing the Alma Laurea questionnaire: "Guide to registration on Alma Laurea website").
  6. Deadline and Procedures for submitting the Thesis and Attachments: by the date indicated for each graduation session, the students must upload the following documents, within the time limits defined by the Course Council for each session, by following the online procedure for submission and uploading of the Degree Thesis (described in the next point):

- The Thesis in Pdf/A format 

- The Summary of the Thesis in pdf format 

- The Form A44, duly signed, in pdf format - 

  1. Procedure for uploading the Thesis and Attachments in the ESSE3 system: The procedure for uploading documents in the ESSE3 system is described in  "Procedure for online Thesis Submission" . Each student, by accessing his/her own reserved area of ESSE3, can independently upload the attachments (in PDF format) and the Thesis (in PDF/A format) for approval by the Thesis Supervisor. Upload must be done in the section “Laurea/Esame Finale > Conseguimento Titolo”, using the function “Procedi con il processo di completamento tesi” ("Proceed with the Thesis completion process"). Please note: as indicated in the Annex, when uploading the files, the attachments (summary and form A44) must be inserted FIRST, and THEN the Thesis file. For information or to report any technical problems, you can send an email to:




Check the instructions below on how to submit the application for Degree Exam:

Domanda di laurea | Università degli Studi di Parma (


The most important deadlines are available on this website page "Graduation Sessions and Deadlines".


A notice will be published about 2 months before each Degree Exam Date reporting alle the instructions and deadlines.