Transfers and course passages

The student who is enrolled at another university and wants to come to study at the Univeristy of Parma, or is enrolled at this university and wants to go to another university, can apply for a transfer.  


Students who want to change the degree course staying in the University of Parma, he can make a course passage.


General information about transfers and transfers is available in the dedicated section of the University website at the following link (available only in italian):


Starting from the academic year 2019/2020 we accept transfers and entry course passages only to the second year and from the academic year 2020/2021 only until reaching the programmed number of students fixed for enrollment in 2019-2020.


Starting from the year 2020/2021, for transfers and entry passes to the second year, students must autonoumously  verify that he / she has achieved a minimum of 40 ECTS as resulting from his / her previous career in the following Scientific Secotrs:

AGR / 01(Agricultural economic and rural appraisal),

AGR/15 (Food Science and Technology)

AGR/16 (Agricultural Microbiology),

BIO /10 (Biochemistry),

CHIM / 01 (Analytical Chemistry),

CHIM / 02 (Phsysical Chemistry),

CHIM / 06 (Organic Chemistry),

CHIM / 10 (Food Chemistry),

ING-IND / 10 (Thermal engineering and industrial energy system),

ING-IND/11 (Building physics and building energy system),

MED / 49 (Food sciences and dietetics)